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About Attorna

Our Gorgeous History

Primarily the access to legal advice is a fundamental human right. Over time, assuming that the policy holders undertake to scrupulously fulfil their obligations to indigent people, the social aspect of the legal clinics work will fade and clinical programs will focus on educational objectives. This being said this can only happen through a change in legislation and proper assistance to victims of crime and abuse. In the meantime, we have no other choice than to give to society some of our precious time. Hence the concept of pro bono publico = for the good of society.

This said, I would like to equally express my gratitude to National Social Inclusive Foundation for the unflinching support throughout the years and for making the dream of the Pro Bono Law Clinic a reality.

Last but not least, I would like to first of all express my deep gratitude to all the staff, colleagues, law students and other professionals who help the Pro Bono Law Clinic on a daily basis and who give their time and knowledge to the needy. Your contribution is immense and incommensurable.

Thank you!


Director of the Pro Bono Legal Clinic


Our Vision

We engage students and legal professionals in pro bono practice, thereby providing legal services to the community. The Pro Bono Clinic allows students to develop the necessary skills and values that form the basis of pro bono service and the sound practice of law.


Our Mission

Pro Bono Clinic Mauritius is an initiative of Droits Humain Ocean Indien (DIS-MOI). The primary purpose of the legal clinic is to create better social justice by providing free access to legal information.


Our Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Client Focus, Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion.

What we do

What we provide

We provide access to free legal advice, through our dedicated team of qualified lawyers and law professionals.

Provide legal assistance to victims of gender-based violence, vulnerable persons and children of the Mauritian population from a full-time legal aid officer, available 5 days/week.

We also provide a dedicated one-to-one legal advice through technological means to persons suffering from immobility.

We disseminate legal information by translating key legislation in creole and by the production of clips and videos.

We provide access to psychological help to victims of crime and gender-based violence.

We redirect the public to the essential services provided by state institutions and NGOs.